web app – App/homepage bottom bar with social/contact buttons looking similar to Android navigation bar. Problem?

The context is a single page webapp which will also be served as a webview Android app. The target audience is 18+.

As it is designed right now, the social/contact icons are placed in a fixed footer/bottom bar.

Now this bottom bar looks eerily similar to the navigation bar in the android home screen.

  1. Is this a problem UI/UX wise?
  2. Could this be a problem play store policy wise?

What might be possible solutions? Make the footer non-fixed?
screenshot of app homepage

Update/Add: The buttons aren’t exactly “social buttons” but more like “contact buttons”. So touching the IG icon will open the IG page of the app. Touching the call icon will open up the phone dialer with the company number pre-entered. Touching the Whatsapp button will open up a Whatsapp message template to the company number. Etc.