Web browser – Security of third-party Web tools that can be integrated against key theft

We build a website and we use many third-party tools that basically give you an HTML script tag and ask you to put it in your index.html. Some examples of such tools are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Zendesk Web Widget

Usually, these tools give you some sort of key that identifies with your account. But this key is visible to all website visitors because it is hard coded into the HTML.

Therefore, I was wondering if there are any protections against malicious users who get my key and use it for malicious purposes, for example.

  • spamming my inbox Zendesk.
  • spam my Google Analytics with fake data, which are not distinguishable from the actual data of users.
  • use all of my Google Maps Query Quota by reusing the same key on their website.

I have not tested all scenarios, but for example Zendesk is working immediately with our development and testing environments, suggesting that this could be a problem.