Web Design – Creating a User Audience?

I understand that for someone who is just starting to build a portfolio without "real" projects to his credit, the projects and scenarios developed are work that is acceptable to include. I should perhaps have asked this question before going ahead with my current personal project, but while making a portfolio construction project with problems and invented solutions, specifications / requirements and features is supposed to work well, is it ok to create the results of the "dummy search" that was supposed to be behind? I do not speak of analyzes / statistics / figures. What about interactive aspects of research, such as interviews and surveys, that are more appealing to the public? Meetings with stakeholders? Do I dial users based on my own assumptions? Should I just look at the nature of the project and infer the specifications and requirements of these fictitious users and stakeholders based on what I see as the current gaps / opportunities for website or product enhancement? My instinct tells me that it's perfectly fine to do it, but I feel that it's too easy to talk about scenarios and solutions. Is it correct?