Web Server – Questions About Web Server Creation

I want to create a small home server to prepare my own business element.
My current plan is to create a home server, prepare my activity and move to a reduced and light level of production.
But I am really in serious concern related to this.
Because I'm not a developer and the only thing I can do is use well-made products from other people. Just search the Internet and correct a few lines in case of error.

So, here is the complete background story related to that.

My team plans to create a web service based on Python / Django.
But for now, we're going to be using the PHP-based content management system called "XpressEngine" because we're eager to collect data, which is very easy for end users like me.
Currently, we do not have money.
We have therefore considered many options.
Azure Web App and VM, an old laptop, Raspberry Pi 4, etc.
But all options have advantages and disadvantages.
I've really tried to choose but I still have not made a decision.
I first tried Azure.
Azure Web App on Windows, Azure Web App on Linux, Azure Linux VM.
Some errors occur when I tried to configure "XpressEngine". on Windows Azure Web App.
I have therefore tried Azure Web App on Linux.
It was ok but there was no 'MySQL in App', so we have to use MS SQL.
But this thing 'XpressEngine & # 39; is compatible with MS SQL but the new version of this does not support MS SQL.
Azure Linux VM, I was wrong because I do not know Linux.
Second, I tried to run Ubuntu Server on an old laptop.
This laptop has i3-3217U, 4 GB of RAM and no RJ-45 port.
The Ubuntu server is not designed for wireless and many solutions say, "get a package of wireless tools."
I tried to solution that edit netplan yaml, but it did not work.
So I plan to run the server on Ubuntu Desktop or IIS on Windows (not the server).
The only problem is that I do not know Linux.
Third, buy a Raspberry Pi version 4 4GB of RAM.
I thought it was because it was small so I could keep it on the corner of my desk or my bookshelf.
I think the RPi is good for a small service like ours, but my teammate is against it.

My question is which should I choose?
1. Azure (Windows / Linux or Linux Web App virtual machine)
2. An old laptop i3-3217U / 4GB RAM (Windows or Linux)
3. Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model

And one more to choose.
1. IIS
2. Apache HTTPD

Thank you for reading this long question.