web – Spam mail leading to gibberish site

One of our users regularly receives spam mails containing a shortened link. I got curious, so I decided to investigate one of those links and it took me to a plain text website with gibberish, as if someone created text from the autocorrect suggestions of their phone. This is the site in question:
enter image description here

What I don’t understand is the URL, which also has gibberish parameters:
enter image description here

If you omit all parameters, it only takes to an empty white page.

If you only type in the domain name you are lead to the legitimate site of a small business. However, there is a high probability that this site may have been compromised by an attacker, because of an existing security flaw (which I’m going to report to the site owner). So I was wondering if this php script was placed by an attacker.

My question boils down to these two points:

  • What is going on with that php script and why does it only show something when passing these gibberish parameters?
  • Why would someone send spam mails to someone with a link that only leads to a gibberish plain text site? The site only contains basic html tags and I haven’t been able to discover something malicious about it.