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Interesting program, similar to Bitconnect. Offers loans to the volatility trading bot as an investment opportunity. ICO currently underway.

Westerncoin is a cryptocurrency or digital currency used for secure and instant value transfer anywhere in the world, like Bitcoin.


Affiliate program

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Lending – Lend Westerncoin to the bot of volatility and earn money throughout the day.

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* Earn up to 7% a year by holding Westerncoin in your wallet.

To start
For the moment we are in the phase ICO. To get started, you need to transfer Bitcoin (BTC) to your BTC portfolio under westerncoin.co, then buy Westercoin from the current batch of available coins. Once the ICO is complete, you will be able to participate in the loan program.

Additional information
You need a referral link to register at Westerncoin: https://www.westerncoin.co/horezon.