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Since 2007, Westernpips Group has been developing latency arbitrage software for the Forex, CFD and Cryptocurrency markets. To date, we present a wide range of tools for automated trading using strategies based on lagged quotes.

NEW! Binary Web Option Clicker Bot Bot: Automatic Trading

99% of brokers are not yet ready for this powerful tool and all the doors of work and income are open for you! This is a universal clicker that can be adapted to work on any terminal of any broker, be it a web platform or any other terminal, for trading of shares. , futures, forex, binary options or any other market you need.

Fast data feed providers for forex arbitrage in Trade Monitor 3.7

Today, Trade Monitor 3.7 is a powerful data feeder that supports connections to eight of the world's largest real-time data providers: Lmax Exchange, Rithmic, CQG, Interactive Brokers, Gain Capital Futures, CTS T4, IQ Feed, Saxo Bank. ;

Update of crypto trader 1.7: martingale of trading and multi-currency pyramid
The Westernpips Crypto Trader 1.7 software was created to consolidate the prices of all the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, to analyze the prices received and to automatically conclude transactions on these exchanges.

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