wfrp 4 – How do I end a career if it does not have enough skills?

The book has this to say:

To complete a career, you must have the number of advanced listed below in all the characteristics of your career level and in eight of the skills available at your career level. You must also have at least 1 talent from your current career level. The skills and talents you have gained through your advancement before starting your career count for that.

It seems simple enough. To go from level 2 to level 3 of a career, I need 10 advances. By taking an apothecary as an example, I would need:

  • 10 advances in tenacity, dexterity, initiative and intelligence.
  • Criminal, Dealmaker, Etiquette (Florin) or Pharmacist
  • 10 advances out of 8 skills, among these: Charm, Bargaining, Science (Knowledge), Communication, Language (Florin), Perception

Those of you who have taken the Lore course (mathematics) will notice that the skills available at the second level of the Apothecary number are only 6. This would make it impossible to finish this career level because I can not have 10 out of 8, if I can only upgrade 6 skills.

So, how can I ever meet this requirement?