What are good tips and things to watch when hiring writers?

First of all, thank you for creating and maintaining an epic forum on copywriting. When I try to learn something, I am generally tired of most of the superficial resources of the Web and I usually find that forums are gold mines offering reliable information on given topics.

I may have been trying to write myself and maybe I was still trying to write, but I realize that the best thing to do given the time constraints that I may be is to engage a editor.

I am completely new to the concept of hiring writers and I do not know where to start, especially good qualities of identification, warning signs to monitor, standards, etc. Also, what would the standard structure of a writing commitment look like? Without this and other important information that I may not know, I realize that it would be easy to take advantage of newcomers in the space.

I did a quick search on the forum and I was able to post no posts with information like this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and look forward to your answers.