What is the acceptable response time when you raise a problem

I have a problem where emails related to the domain that I host can neither receive nor send emails.
It may seem trivial but is vital to my business. This is a fairly reputable hosting company mentioned here from what I see
and it takes easily like 30 – 60 minutes to answer where they asked for more information than I gave. It takes another 30 to 60 minutes to answer my answer.
I could not wait 30 to 60 minutes per response, which does not help but asks for more information. Past the good old phone calls and managed.

Let go and hopefully things will solve. I came back in the evening to realize that it was not resolved. A couple more and fros with about 30 – 60 minutes apart each.

The last solution is to reinstall my email client and try again. Super … wow i would like to think about it ..
Fortunately, they did not use their professional knowledge and asked me to restart my PC.

Putting aside sarcasm, I wanted to cover all the patterns and try with different devices and different mail clients returning all the same mistakes. I have presented my findings and guess what ..
I'm waiting for the match again and I guess I could get an answer in 30 to 60 minutes. Not a solution .. an answer.

Is it acceptable? Set aside lame ideas, 30 to 60 minutes per answer? I worked with other hosting companies where the answer was in about 10 minutes + – if I remember correctly.