What is the best and why: positive action or equal opportunities in employment?

Equal opportunities.

We have had positive action for 60 years now. Since this does not work, they also ask for compensation. If the repairs do not work, what more can you ask for?

Positive action is an institutionalized systematic racism against white Americans and Americans of Asian descent. More and more Americans of Asian origin are starting to realize this and are lining up on the Republicans side on this issue. AA badly affects Americans of Asian descent.

Also, how is it fair for RECENT black immigrants from African countries to benefit from AA? Their ancestors have never been discriminated against in America. It is unfair for recent black immigrants to gain an advantage through AA when there is a qualified white / Asian American whose ancestors have lived in America for centuries and who are losing this opportunity.

AA does NOT work in countries like America, where immigration is high every year around the world.

Positive action gives unskilled people positions they should not be entitled to. You can not justify a system in which a child of an African-American millionaire (like Obama's daughters) is admitted on a diversity quota before the child of a poor coal miner from West Virginia.