What is the best article rewriting tool for Google and Bing Search

it's a misconception, and a false statement …

The high quality backlinks are kings, and can indeed outweigh the content to some extent …

I always see news sites scraping content on the web, and some of them
even have a high authority; How do you think they get their authority? by posting
Duplicate and repetitive content already found on the Internet? no, they simply
managed their backlinks much better than most other sites ….

I've even seen sites with almost zero content and I have a high authority ….

Google is not as smart as you think, after all, he was smart,
so why would Google need more than 200 factors to determine your value?

Your content must certainly be original, however, it is not necessary to
to be written by a Harvard English teacher, however, there are many more
factors other than content that may contribute to your failure, bad content,
Bad backlinks, bad SEO, that is to say: use multiple anchors / texts, and other factors …

It's not just about backlinks and content. If you have decent content that
can attract visitors rather than drive them away and assume everything
is good, so quality backlinks can play a bigger role than content alone ….

It's not easy to get good backlinks either, and most of the time you
I can not really buy them because quality sites just do not give them ….

or you can hire the same old SEO provider that everyone uses ….
people use these SEO providers because they are too lazy to contact
quality sites, or their sites may not even be worthy of a quality backlink ….

so you just end up in the same cycle again and again until that
you are penalized by google ….

I've made some estimates, and I think it can take anywhere from $ 3 to $ 5,000 to get your
site on the floor if your competition is not too horrible, and this
includes hiring a decent writer and buying backlinks that really matter ….
(assuming you have no skills to acquire backlinks or write content, etc.)

most people make the same mistakes again and again, they choose the wrong
niche, do not search, set a default theme because they have no budget ….
choose an ugly domain that makes no sense, blah, blah, within six months,
their site is offline because they can not get a site on the ground on a
any kind of shoe chain budget that would make a difference, so come
here to complain about "why I did not make money …"