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“It’s up to you really, Sven makes pretty awesome stuff that works very well, even with default settings.”

Agreed. NOTHING beats GSA. Kid yourself if you want, but try all the SEO brands, and you’ll find ONLY GSA is stable and feature-rich. So, if you DO want to mess with and tweak on a per-project or per-run basis, it’s totally doable.

First of all, I am not Sven. Nor does Sven pay me to say this. But I do feel Sven deserves honest vocal appreciation for his hard work, helping us ALL along, definitely providing a level of excellence that is an example of how to do things, for me and anyone smart enough to know mastery when they see it.

Know what?

I was wary of SER, before buying.


Senseless stupid message board nonsense on the internets.Β  But know what? The lies worked and scared me, I must admit. Verrrrry easy to create a campaign of competitive untruths to take out superior products. Who knows which company wrote all that nonsense years ago? PointΒ  is, it was totally undeserved.

Finally I found that some of the best things in life are well underestimated.

I’ll play with the settings.Β  Thanks for your response. :]