What is the best ecommerce software for SEO?

It depends on the other features you are looking for in a basket.

BigCommerce is a pay-per-view service that depends on the number of products you sell, the amount of bandwidth and space you need, and the number of personnel connections required. There are other companies offering a similar service, such as Shopify and Volusion. Goodsie is a newer company that charges $ 15.00 a month and setup is easy, but their SEO features are lacking.
There is also the possibility of installing PHP software such as Sunshop or Zen-Cart. Both have SEO options, but require an upfront payment for a license to use.

Once you have identified the other features you need, you can define the service that offers these features + good SEO capabilities. BigCommerce is definitely a good start. There is little risk, since you pay every month (you even get a 15-day free trial) and their support is very responsive.

I've tried BigCommerce for 15 free days. They certainly have a huge list of SEO features; he literally takes care of all of this for you. SEO-friendly URLs, using your keywords, META data, 301 redirects, robots.txt file, custom URLs, correctly using NOFOLLOW, XML sitemap, 100% HTML and CSS templates, covered everything what you can think of.

Adding products, categories and all these good things is relatively simple. Adding your SEO data is also simple. The only drawback that I have with it is the customization of the design. They offer over 90 free templates to use, but you will want an attractive and attractive design. This is not easy to do on your own, unless you know perfectly HTML and CSS. Again, it is a problem with most shopping baskets online, I suppose.