What is the best way to stop a runny nose? – Everything else

The body needs to get rid of the viral infection for nearly a week, resulting in the runny nose. It is therefore best to alleviate the symptoms of gonorrhea and not to stop it completely, until the body gets rid of all the virus and the infection does not happen again. after. a limited time.
1. Take hot citrus fruit to drink more than once a day by cutting any type of citrus fruit without peeling them, then boil them and then drink them by adding sugar by desire .
2. Eat a spoonful of honey in the morning.
3. Drink herbal teas of all kinds like (chamomile) to moisturize the dry throat resulting from mouth breathing in case of nasal congestion.
4. In case of pain, take pain relievers and antipyretics to reduce it.
5. Take an antihistamine to relieve mucous membrane irritation.
6. Use a tissue to dry the nose and discard it after use.
7. Wash your hands several times to avoid cross infection with other people.
8. Put olive oil on your nose before sleeping.