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Violence, prison, murders, rapes, wars, you know what heterosexual men who make up the largest offender population do. Superiority complex, being the alpha male, fearing their feelings and not expressing them short of violence. Homes without a father.

Robert darling. So please, explain to me how you would call this if it ends lives and so many of you, straight men, are caged like animals to ensure the safety of all others ? Is it nontoxic? You have the most of these problems, far beyond women or LGBT people, but blame everyone for all of this except yourself.

Superiority complex, being the Alpha male? How about thinking that you are superior to women and that you must show that you control them, while those of your son learn all that with the eyes. Do you coexist with other races and sexualities? What is misogyny?

Call it what you want, we are not in prison for that, toxic femininity is not what makes people want to make sure their doors and windows are locked.

And wrongly, I do not say that men are animals but that I say caged "Like", there is a difference.

That does not mean misogyny, but it's certainly not far from superiority

"Toxic feminism does not send women to prison"
Not at the same level as toxic masculinity and as we talk about prison, how many deaths of prisoners have been caused by violence in men's prisons as opposed to women's prison.

The article basically describes the idea that a woman is getting toxic femininity and a serious misunderstanding of women and their intentions. I'm not saying that women are perfect in every sense of the word, but even so, the harm that toxic masculinity has caused to societies around the world far exceeds what you claim to be a product of toxic femininity.

Your definition of Alpha Male is really beautiful, that 's true and that' s the idea, but is that how it goes? I know that's what you're aiming for but you missed it. Do I need to remind you of the above? Often, instead of what you said, it turns into heterosexual men who fight each other with deadly results. It turns into insecurity and jealousy. Conflict with other races and sexualities. Alpha male. Same as when you pair two alpha male bulldogs. Same thing with women too, but not with such serious consequences.