What is your experience with Linux? | Promotion Forum

Linux is the open source operating system created by Linus Torvalds. He created it himself, but soon found that he needed help to grow. He admits that he is not good at GUI work and prefers to work on the basic system. An open source community has been created and over the years it has become more organized and efficient. The operating system can be found in phones, computers and other devices. It is mainly used for servers connected to the Web and is more popular than Windows for web hosting.

It can be difficult to master a Linux server or a personal device, but it is worth it in many cases. On the one hand, the operating system simply works smoothly. I have Linux Mint XFCE installed on this old Dell laptop right now. I have pretty low system specifications and the laptop was using Windows XP before I got rid of it and put Mint on it. It took me a little DIY to install the Broadcom 43xx wireless driver (for wifi to be enabled), but it works "turnkey" since the installation otherwise. I think the fact that a slow and boring laptop with Windows XP can be fast, sleek and modern with a Linux distribution is fine. Even my girlfriend was pretty impressed by the ease with which everything worked when we used the old laptop to look for things online.

My overall experience with Linux started years ago, when I had VPS and dedicated servers. I had to choose between a Windows installation and a Linux distribution, and I chose Ubuntu. This has forced me to learn some server commands (for the command line interface) to install packages, update and secure the server. It was a great learning experience, and the speed with which the servers met the specifications I had for them was worth it.

And you all? Did you use Linux for a computer / personal device or server for a website or other type of project? What was your experience?