What is your opinion on the use of Tapatalk? | Promotion Forum

I had used to have Tapatalk in my forum. My memory is not excellent, so that I do not remember exactly all the difficulties I knew, I became disenchanted for Tapatalk as a user and owner of the forum. So, when we changed our forum software, I did not even consider Tapatalk.

Recently, a member of my staff asked me to bring back the application, and I feel uncomfortable because I am obsolete. I do not know if the problem that made them unreliable is something that has been fixed. Now they have better practices and a better reputation. I do not remember very well what the security risks were and the other issues raised by the company.

I have therefore thought it would be a good idea to ask what was the reputation of Tapatalk today.

  • If you think that Tapatalk is not worth it, I would like to know the details, even if they are previous grievances, because I would like to have a firm answer to my staff for reasons of not not install it.
  • If you think that Tapatalk is worth it, I also want to hear what happened and what has changed their reputation and that is not considered a good option.

And that could push the subject a little further, but if there were better alternatives to Tapatalk, you would recommend, I would be very happy to hear them. Thank you guys, for your help.