What should I choose for Java or Python robotic coding?

hello i'm going to learn python and java, i know a little java if, otherwise, the logic of the class etc .. what i'm going to do is a code software for automated robot controlled by gps (it has wheels and a arms)
the robot will work with esp32 but esp32 will be slave the real brain is going to be in the server, so there will be two programs one brain and the other slave, i will use a wireless serial communication to connect these two programs that i already know, i need to use python for esp32, but i do not know what i should use for the java or python brain program? i still need to learn both and i have ADHD (you do not know what it's google it -.-) so it's a bit difficult to learn while listening and the best way to learn for me is to do it, so what is your recommendation?
oh and the reason i dont want to use raspberry pi is because i live in istanbul in turkey and use raspberry pi for each robot is very expensive ..