What will happen to Smollett and forgiveness against Kim Foxx? Is this now an FBI affair against both?

His claim to be attacked was completely incredible from the beginning. Not only was it extremely unlikely that two White Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats were hanging out in his black neighborhood at 2:00 am with bleach and a noose, but the video surveillance showed that both other people only in the area were blacks.

The incredible story was probably the reason why Obama was involved early. They tried to pass the investigation to the FBI, and I would bet it's because the SAIC at the FBI's Chicago office is or was an Obama impasse. They wanted to bury the incident and finally make it disappear.

Instead, the Chicago police investigated and confirmed that Smollett's complaint about an attack was false, which is a crime. Smollett was subsequently charged. He faced years of prison unless something was done.

The Obama then used their influence with the Attorney General to get rid of all charges and a judge ordered the closure of the case. It was incredible, and you have to wonder what Smollett knows would cause such an act on the part of Obama.

The federal aspects of the case are now going to the FBI. If I were AG Barr, I would not allow the current SAIC to oversee the investigation.

Realize that Smollett lied to the FBI about the incident and the threatening letter that he addressed to himself. How many people were persecuted by Mueller for "lying to the FBI"? Will Smollett suffer the same consequences or get a pass to be a gay black Democrat? (who apparently also knows something about Obama)