What's a good general filter to use on a flash to compensate for fluorescent lighting?

I experiment with filters on the camera's flash to better match the ambient light. I have good results using CTOs with sunlight, for example.

When I'm in charge of photographing on the inside, I'm afraid to deal with older fluorescent lighting that produces a dominant green. This has not happened yet, but I would like to be prepared in case this happens. So, I wonder what is the best versatile flash filter for daylight fluorescent to carry?

Lee offers a "219 Fluorescent green"; however, the description is as follows: "General tungsten fluorescence correction to be used when the temperature of the fluorescent color is unknown, in order to provide a correction of the medium." Although, on Lee's website, the color seems to appear as a pale green, the filter is actually much darker. I guess that's because the filter needs to change the orange tungsten lighting into fluorescent green light. So, I think the 219 will be excessive with a balanced flash in daylight.

Googling I see a "Lee 244 Plus Green" is perhaps a possibility. However, the description on Lee's website – "Used with daylight and tungsten light sources to provide green dominance when used in conjunction with discharge lighting. CC30 green camera filter "- does not make sense to me. There is no question of using it to balance the flash for fluorescent lighting.

Can someone who has experience tell what versatile daylight for a fluorescent filter, or filters, would it be wise to carry it?

(I'm using digital, so I do not have to worry about a compensation filter on the lens. And I have a preference for Lee because their filters are available in large sheets, cost almost nothing, weigh less, and Just as important, there is a dealer close to my home!)