Where is the PEM file? WordPress Installation -> Google Site Kit

I’ve tried to install Google Site Kit on Windows server WordPress site. I had to install the toolkit manually as auto installation failed. Once I installed, I tried to activate it but I get.

Your site may not be ready for Site Kit  Looks like your site is having a technical issue with requesting data from Google services. To get more help, ask a question on our support forum and include the text of the original error message: google_api_connection_fail

then when i go back to the Dashboard, i see

Unknown Error (code: cURL error 77: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: C:Program Files (x86)PleskAdditionalPHPSettingscacert.pem CApath: none).

I found https://wordpress.org/support/topic/your-site-may-not-be-ready-for-site-kit-google_api_connection_fail/

The solution is to I would like to report that he problem is solved. Turns out that my php.ini refers to a PEM file that’s never there. I downloaded the PEM file, and now I can connect to Google Site Kit. Thank you very much.

My question is where do I get the .PEM file from? Where do I need to place it, I have a Plesk workspace?