Where to find the resources for these Windows arrows icons/font?

Where do I find the arrow icons/font from this answer?

enter image description here

The answer is referencing this article. It states “In these cases, you may use the standard arrow icons in labels instead of text. Do not use custom bitmaps for the icons.” This leads me to believe that “the standard arrow icons” might actually be a special character or font. I feel like it should be obvious where to find them, but it’s escaping me.

I scanned “MS Sans Serif”, “Segoe UI”, and “Segoe UI Symbol” fonts.

I thought that maybe the icons came from Wingdings but they are shaped differently:
enter image description here

Some from Webdings are close but don’t seem quite right either:
enter image description here

I looked in shell32.dll and imageres.dll.

I also looked in the “VS2019 Image Library” from here.

I’m clearly missing something.