Which company can I start with low start-up costs?

Here is the thing with online businesses:

1. You really should not be interested in creating a forum / blog, only in the interest of making money. It is very possible to do it, however, it takes a lot of time, effort and perseverance to really make money with this type of sites.

That's why you usually start a blog / forum with something that interests you / knowledge. In this way, profit is not everything, but you like to update it and keep it running. Later, money will arrive, which in 99% of cases is not a fortune.

2. Having something online to make money is always like a normal business. In addition to the fact that you can now market your products in the global market rather than the local market, you still have to understand that earning a good income online takes more time. Making money fast online does not exist unless you know very well about certain areas. Unfortunately, one of the areas in which you must have a lot of knowledge is to make money online. If you have not yet experienced in this area, it will take time.

When I started working online, I might have earned about $ 50 the first month. Given the hours that I spent, it's really worthless. But I learned a lot from all my experiences and knowledge is always essential.