Which domain name is important?

Domain names are very important in creating your online presence. No Web site can be deprived of it. Whether it's a free domain name or you buy via a registry, the fact remains. if you have a website, then you need it.

When choosing your domain name, it is advisable to keep in mind your target audience, your keywords and your business niche. Indeed, your target audience will scan your domain name and your website, especially if you are a company looking for their personalization.

The reason I say you have to keep in mind your keywords when choosing a domain name is simply because search engines give the weight of the domain name an "importance" when ranking websites for Page Rank (PR) ranking and search engine ranking (SERP) ranking. ).

As I explained in another discussion thread, I am in the process of creating a website for a recruitment agency and I have the main address of the company's website (which includes the word recruitment); but also another domain name for search engine optimization purposes, which contains all the keywords I would like people to look for when looking for a company / recruiting agency in their county.

The niche of a website may vary depending on whether it is a personal or professional website. Again, the niche of my website is recruitment and that's why the word recruitment, can be found in my two domain names.