Which files do malware reside in after visiting a malicious site

I’ve been really on edge about accidently visiting a malicious site in the the past month, so please excuse how badly explained this question may be.
About twenty minutes ago I was visiting a site to help me with something when I was redirected to one of those scam sites which say “You’ve won a free phone!” Along with two other sites that I did not take the time to check. Imdetiently I left the sites, and went to remove them from my browsing history which seemed to lag a bit while doing so, so I ended up clearing my cache.

My phone began to run alower than usual which from what I’ve read is a sign of malware installed (?) Currently I haven’t seen any new applications installed though I double checked folders and saw one which seemed kinda suspicious which was title “.1VRecord” which had a ton of strange file combination inside. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to double check for malware or what files they would tend to hide in? Thanks!