Which freelance skills are the most profitable? | NewProxyLists

hi so which freelance skills are profitable in 2018 since i want to start a business online i want to know for sure so i can earn some decent cash while not burning myself to earn pennies
if you can share some of your knowledge with me that will be great

I heard some say that these are the most needed ones :

  • Video Editing ( I do this already but the issue is that you need a lot of work near 100 orders/month to maintain a living )
  • Web Design ( I think this is a great one but i would still need to study this, maybe if there was another branch that doesn’t really require programing languages i would do it immediately )
  • Logo Design ( I don’t know much about this one but i might just try it and see )

What do you guys think ? Im trying to increase my earning sources and i would really appreciate your help