Which IDE is the best for JavaScript developers?

To be very frank, everyone has different requirements and we think that choice is one of the strengths of the Java world.

Personally, I used a lot of them …

Basically, these IDEs offer a variety of features, such as: Java application building, TestNG, Debugging, Code Inspections, Code Assist, JUNIT Test, Multiple Refactoring, GUI Generator and visual, Java, Maven compilation tools, build queries, and more.

the first one in my list is

1- NetBeans:
NetBeans is an open source integrated development environment written in Java and one of IDR Solutions' preferred IDEs for Java coding.

The IDE NetBeans supports the development of all types of Java applications (Java SE applications, JavaFX, Java ME, Web, EJB and mobile applications) ready to use.

Second to this:
2- Eclipse
Eclipse is another free IDE for developers and programmers, written primarily in Java. Eclipse allows you to create various cross-platform Java applications for use on mobile, web, desktop, and enterprise domains.

I always love doing Android development on Eclipse.

3- IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is a free Java development environment (IDE) mainly used for the development of Android applications, Scala programming, Groovy, Java SE and Java. It is lightweight in design and includes useful features such as JUnit testing, TestNG testing, debugging, code inspections, code completion, multiple refactoring support, Maven build tools, ant visual graphical interface and the code editor for XML and Java.

With the community edition, there would remain a missing feature. To unlock it, you have to buy all the features. But a paid license is worth it.

This one is not a good option in my personal opinions, but you can also consider developing Java slightly

Android Studio
Google's Android Studio is primarily designed for development on the Android platform. However, it is able to run and edit Java code.

Ask yourself what you are aiming for and match the offer to the IDE. Finally, CHOICE is yours.

good luck.