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As most have pointed out, you must first look for your niche to make sure you get traffic, but most importantly to make sure that there is a market for your products.

What I did was think of a niche that could have potential, and then research that niche in terms of long-tail keywords, search queries, monthly search trends, and so on. , then I search these search terms the sites are and with which I would be competing, if it looks good, I will do it depending on the potential financial gain, not just because I'm passionate about this niche.

To give you an example on the morning of October 22 (two weeks ago Thursday), I had an idea based on my child's behavior. So I did a little research on this particular niche to discover that there had been 140000 searches in the UK. for some of the long-tail keywords, I then chose to sell a particular product group and I got a trend of 9900 searches with little competition in the UK, then j & rsquo; I looked at the other sites and I think I can do number 1 soon but it still takes time, especially with a new domain and no authority.

The domain was purchased, which exactly matches my long tail keyword. I really could not believe that he was always available. FSB had installed products in less than an hour. He was ready to work.

I've added some helpful articles that bring value, videos and a new design to come this week, which I will implement over the weekend. My assumption is that if I can create a design that matches that of the niche where it is familiar to mothers or parents of children, it will be more effective, we'll see.

The result is that I have more than 40 indexed and descending URLs almost every day and as traffic gets bigger. I've already had 3 times more sales, although the amount is not yet known, but it's better than nothing and of course, this will only improve, especially at this time of the year.

This niche is not really something that interests me, with the exception of the opportunity, so you do not need to stay true to your passion, but it helps . I do not write the articles myself, I subcontract them.

So it's better to do some research because you will not waste your time and effort and, of course, help you stay motivated if you're doing sales in a niche that you're passionate about.

I hope it helps