Whose Google Drive is the recording saved while in a Google Meet?

In this pandemic period, the classes are being held online. Our college uses Google Suite which provides the feature of Google Meet. Some of our lectures need to be recorded. Sometimes our professor himself starts the recording and sometimes a student starts it. After it is completed, the recording gets saved randomly into one of the participant’s Google Drive. The other participants can see whose Drive folder the recording is saved into by clicking the stop recording button in the options tab. Not all people see it, but I do it regularly to know whose folder it is saved to, so that we can ask that student to share. Some people do, but some of them deny by saying that “I am wrong, and that the video of the recording is not saved in their Drive folder!”

So my main question is, how can I determine whose drive it is saved to? I mean, is the stop recording showing incorrect name and location???

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