Why are we using the Keyword Tool?

A committed audience – To start producing relevant content for your audience, you need to understand which keywords drive traffic to your site. Determine what interests your audience and write content about it.

Increased conversion. Relevant content will attract not only visitors, but also qualified traffic. You will have a higher conversion rate if the content you provide makes sense to those who read it. A Juniper Research study on Email Relevance's return on investment found that engaging your audience with relevant content could increase net profits 18-fold more than direct mail. Ask yourself: do you answer the right questions?

Overview of marketing trends
. The keyword analysis will give you insight into current trends in marketing and consumer behavior. Keep track of what's popular and important to your audience and use it to keep your content relevant.

Prioritize your time properly.
Do not waste time creating content on keywords that do not increase your bottom line. Use keywords that generate success to your advantage, this will have a huge impact on your return on investment.

Expand your long-tail efforts. Use keyword research to discover other keyword queries and extend your efforts in the long run. Long line search is the most popular type of search. According to SEOmoz, this type of search accounts for 70% of search traffic. Effective keyword research can help you occupy a prominent place among the expressions of interest to your audience, penetrate new markets and, overall, enhance your visibility.

Place the keywords in the right place.
Identifying your ideal keywords is half the battle. Once this is complete, the next step is to place these keywords in the right place. This will have a huge effect on your organic search ranking. You must have these optimal keywords in your page title, alternate text, URL, and anchor text to improve your site's crawl in search engines. Studies show that 77% of Internet users click organic links above paid ads. That said, your organic search rank is critical to your long-term success.