Why do designers prefer to work freelance rather than in a graphic design company?

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well here. I would like to share some thoughts on a subject that I have been watching for all these years. So my question is: why do designers prefer to work as freelancers rather than in a graphic design organization? Well, there are many obvious reasons behind this, but the most common and logical answers I've received from some of my close friends who work alone in graphic design are the freedom to work. They say that when you are hired by an employer or that specific tasks are set by the authority, then it is more obvious that your creativity is weakening by the day and that ultimately all you can do is a limited job under the guidance of someone. over your head on which I am pretty much in agreement too.

However, for some designers, they say they are independent or work alone, which gives them the opportunity to work and earn as much as you want, because there is no limit to your work and the same goes for your returned. In this case, the more you work, the more money you will earn at home. In addition, I liked talking about freelancing is that you have met different people around the Globe who have different works and conditions and extraordinary exposure to your work and your creativity. But I am always open to your ideas and suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts below.