Why does Notepad3 input the entire file’s text in the Search String box when I want to find text?

When I start up a new instance of Notepad3 and hit CTRL+F, it puts the entire file’s contents in the Search String field of the find window as shown below. It only does it on a fresh, new instance. When I clear the box and enter the text I want, though, it seems to want to remember what I last searched for the next time I CTRL+F.

The standard behavior for any text editor is that opening the find window will initialize with the search field blank unless you have some text selected, in which case the selected text will appear as it assumes that’s what you want to search for.

Is there a setting to change this behavior? As I understand it, Notepad3 is a fork of Notepad2, though I could be wrong.

enter image description here

Edit: Looks like I had to add Notepad3 as a brand new tag, so maybe this is something to talk to the support team about. Oh well. will leave it in case anyone knows.