Is not it easy to just take your smart phone and go to a store and buy everything you want? No more pocket changes, huge wallets and extra cards. Your smart mobile phone is what you need in this new cashless era!

Mobile wallets can now make your payments in one click. Due to its ease of use, many have begun to accept payments via mobile wallets and consumers have also begun to see the benefits that flow from them.

Faster crates

In mobile wallets, the customer can now add all the details of his card for later use in payments. By adding this, customers can simply validate their payment by placing the device near NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible devices and complete the transaction. Now, they do not have to wait a long time in a queue, pick up a card and drag it, or worse, count the money to buy things. Mobile wallets have significantly reduced waiting time before going to checkout and reduce the hassle of multiple payment cards.

Loyalty programs

Mobile discounts and rewards through loyalty programs can actually increase sales and help increase customer retention. Starbucks is one of the first successful loyalty programs with mobile payments: according to 12 purchases that a customer makes through his wallet, he receives a cup of coffee for free. Thanks to this promotion, Starbucks was able to record 11% of its sales via mobile wallet payments. Such loyalty programs can benefit consumers as well as businesses; so it's win-win for both.

High security

Usually, when using credit cards to make payments, the credit card number may be misused. But with mobile wallet payments, the details of the card are secure. In addition, many other biometric password protection factors ensure that your card details will be safe with you. You can enjoy high levels of security with mobile wallets rather than with physical cards.

Cashless and much more!

We are thinking about cashless transactions right away, but we can do a lot more! Mobile wallets can be used to store your identity cards such as driver's license, visa or any other virtual card on your mobile device. Some of the mobile wallets also have the option of storing crypto-currencies like the Puut Wallet in which it is possible to perform transactions with crypto-currencies like any other normal currency. You can even go the extra mile and save your tickets, biometric passwords, vouchers and receipts in Puut Wallet too!

Mobile wallets have now become a unique wallet in which you can store all payment cards, credentials, banknotes and even crypto-currencies.