Why is too much advertising not good?

Some webmasters like to place a lot of advertising on their website to earn more money than usual. Getting income with his website is nice, it's do not the right thing to do. Not at all. Well, unless you become selfish and think short term.

To begin, let's assume that users of your website hatred this. And the more they hate your ads, the less they look at them, view them, and click on them. So, this initially excludes any strategy to earn money with the CPC, while it is much more profitable than the CPM.

Then advertisers hate that too. If you do it too much, you will get less revenue per ad even if you get more money overall. But this will only work in the short term because, in the long run, you will earn more money with CPC than any CPM you might expect.

There are also adblockers. Every webmaster who places too many ads somewhere is slowly pushing even more people to develop, contribute, donate money and use adblockers. Each. Advertisers are also aware of it.

So you want a good strategy? Do not do that. Be smarter, make sure people like your ads, not the other way around.