Why Must Your Flaunt Your Blessings On Social Media?

But empty barrels make the loudest noise….

Majority of people on Facebook are trying to show off fake life. Their real life is a complete opposite of what they’re trying to impress onto others.

Of what benefit is trying to show off a car that doesn’t belong to me, or show of a hairstyle I did on credit or show off a cloth I borrowed or show off in a super mart where I don’t buy anything in real life?

Of what benefit is wishing a son a happy birthday on FB, when I don’t really take care of him? Or wishing a wife a happy birthday on FB when I no longer talk to her in the house. Or wishing someone well on FB, when in reality I hate them?

People who are experiencing worse things in real life are hiding the truth, and trying to pass across a semblance of perfect life on social media.

Some, even while trying to pose for various pictures, look like clowns to me.

Facebook is perfect for monitoring the life of those you’re no longer talking to; whreas real business people are looking elsewhere to boost their businesses. As I myself can confirm that over 70% of people on FB have poor mentality, for what they care about is bunkum that cannot add any value to their life.

Real failures are pushing revealing their privacy and pushing into the faces of those who don’t care about them, while those who are truly successful are jealously guiding their privacy.

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