Why not just use a domain property instead of prefix properties for https, http and www in Google Search Console?

I just added my website to Google Search Console as the domain validated property example.com. Now when I try to link it with Google Analytics (GA), it says no property is added to the console.

Perhaps Google Analytics is right because I have not added any prefix property. It was just a domain name (example.com). To link my GA with GSC I have also added these prefix properties:

  • https://example.com
  • http://example.com
  • http://www.example.com
  • https://www.example.com

(all of these 4 properties redirect to my domain example.com. Why?)

I’m not able to add www.example.com as a domain property in GSC because it does not allow it

Now, after adding all 4 properties of my domain GA shows these properties when I try to link GSC with GA.

So, which property I should choose to link with GA (e.g., HTTP, HTTPS) because if I choose https://example.com as I did for my website, What about other properties. Will GA show me the data about other properties all of which land on example.com (domain).

Why add so many properties to GSC when they all land on the domain (example.com)?
Do I need to add a separate zone record (c-panel) for verification?

Why did I add so many properties when example.com (domain) seems like it should be more than enough?