Why rely on Google? | Shop Builders Forum

El Admin, there has been a lot of discussion on the forum in the past about this. First of all, I found that Google might not find your site. Bing offers an interesting alternative. In addition, a number of members have found well-known and less well-known methods for generating traffic.

Social media is only an idea but requires constant attention. It seems that the network has now found a saturation point and it is important to have a head start with the "multiple" approaches. What is still true is always to start with a plan based on research. If you already have a favorite niche that you want to keep, refine it or diversify to find the best opportunities there. Be concerned about a quality site with quality information and customer engagement because of the products or information you provide them before you worry about marketing and driving traffic.

I think if you have a poor site, generate traffic, when people go there, your bounce rate suffers and you have potentially lost those people you would have met in the future with a site of better quality and not only. preserved, but also had the power of reputation and dismissal.

What is the answer? Keep up to date with what's happening and be proactive. ;)

Good luck…