wi fi – Wifi Verbose logging fields

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot a wifi issue (with a specific network) and have wifi verbose logging on, but I can’t find any documentation on what any of the fields in the network selection menu are.

The network in in question has the full info of:

Connected ( UN UN UN ) f=2462 00:00:b1:6b:00:b5 standard=4 rssi=-75 score=59 tx=23.3,27.9,1.0 rx=20.9 4G STAs:8((2)

I understand rssi and STAs (although, i have no idea for the second number for STAs) and f fits the channel frequency, but the rest (UN, tx/rx, standard, score, and 4G) have me stumped.

Does anyone have any idea for these or a pointer to the relevant documentation?