Wild Breath has become the best selling zelda game in American history

NDP analyst Mat Piscatella released the game sales chart for North America last July (16 August). Adding new content today (August 17), Mat Piscatella created zelda: dead in the wilderness, the best-selling zelda game in US history.

"I do not know how I forgot about it, zelda: Dead in the Wilderness has become the best-selling zelda game of all time – here are the top five best-selling zelda games in the United States."

The zelda legend (physical edition) Top5 in the United States

1. The legend of Zelda: a breath in the desert

2. The legend of Zelda: the princess at twilight

3. The legend of zelda: the flute of time

4. The legend of zelda: the masquerade of mezula

5. Training of the bow link