Will a refused UK Visa based on false documents affect my Canada application?

The UK and Canada are both part of the “Five Eyes” group and exchange immigration data with each other. That means (as you seem to know already) that you should assume Canada will be aware of your previous UK visa refusal. This information will certainly be taken into account when deciding on any future visa application.

I once applied to UK in the year 2017, the Visa was refused based on false business documents presented. I never new my business documents was fake. The agent in africa who did the business documents did a fake one for me in which the embassy confirmed from the source.

It sounds like you’re saying the false documents were provided by some agent you hired to apply for the UK visa, and you believed they were genuine documents. You don’t say where you are more specifically than Africa, but I’ve certainly heard stories of such dishonest agents before, including from people in various African countries. Explaining about the dishonest agent is unlikely to help your case. Somebody else, who had a refusal after knowingly submitting false documents, could also claim the agent included them without their knowledge. The agents assessing your application (both the UK agents who rejected the past application, and Canadian agents assessing a future application) will assume that you are responsible for all contents of your application.

Nobody here can tell you for certain whether an application will be approved. That decision can only be made by the appropriate authorities on the basis of far more information than would be appropriate to post here. But visa refusals for submitting false documents are taken very seriously. Having such a refusal on your record will severely reduce your chances of being granted a visa. That doesn’t mean it’s completely impossible, but you should consider it very unlikely unless there are very compelling reasons to make an exception in your case. Based on what you’ve told us, it seems unlikely that such reasons exist.