Will SEO die?

SEO is not dying.

SEO will only die if the search engine dies. As long as search engines exist, individuals can find out how search engines operate and get business out of them. The fact that SEO is shifting as rapidly as any vertical, does not imply that it is on the way out. Does that mean that SEO is going to keep getting more complicated? Maybe. Does it mean that it’s going to die? No, never.

There will be search engine optimization as long as there are search engines. SEO is about knowing how these search engines get their data and what can be done to receive free traffic from them. SEOs understand the search process and search marketers in general, tap into the process to draw visitors. Search engines want marketers to recognize SEO best practices and implement them because it makes it more efficient for search engines.

SEO won’t die. Search engines won’t let that happen.