windows 10 – Close specific file in Acrobat Reader via the command line

I am working on something questionably useful (because better executions exist) which is a Sublime Text 3 PDFLaTeX build system with preview. I want to open files in Acrobat Reader, and so far all is good. But I need to be able to close these files too, or else they will be locked and PDFLaTeX won’t be able to modify them and fail on rebuild. And I need to be able to do that from the command line.

I see no reason one couldn’t do that, based on the fact that I can easily go into Task Manager and kill one of the subtasks labeled with filenames, which will close that file and that file only. It looks like this.

However, I see no way to do this from cmd. taskkill doesn’t seem to provide any option for that, but it looks like it should be possible.