windows 10 – Computer freezes when connecting external monitor

My laptop always freezes when I connect an external monitor to the docking station.

On the weekend I had connected a beamer to the port of the docking station, where I had to set a completely different special resolution using the advanced adapter settings of the graphics card (using “List all modes”).

Now I cannot connect the regular external monitor anymore. Every time I do so, the whole laptop freezes immediately. But as long as the monitor is not connected, I can’t access the adapter settings to set the correct resolution.

Deleting drivers for the monitor via the device manager hasn’t gotten me anywhere either. Uninstalling graphics drivers was also without success. I had also uninstalled the drivers of the docking station.

Where does Windows 10 store its graphic adapter settings, so I can delete them for the external monitor. The docking station has three ports. The phenomenon occurs for two monitors on all three ports.


  • HP Elite X2 Notebook
  • HP USB-C Dock G3
    Thank you in advance for good ideas and hopefully for a solution. I don’t want to have to reset Windows.