windows 10 – What is the easiest way to share Adobe files on a home network?

New on the home network and servers here. I run a small home-based graphic design company and want to store my Adobe files (InDesign and Illustrator CS6 – so I do not use the cloud) in a central location and access and work from multiple computers.

I've recently installed a Synology NAS DS 718+ and although I think it will be useful for data protection, I do not think I can preview or edit files on it.

Should I invest in some sort of server (and if so, what do you recommend) or can I add a desktop to my network, store the files, and access and work through the Windows file sharing? The computers I would use to access the files are two HP Specters x360 equipped with Intel i7 processors and running Windows 10 Home.

All thoughts are appreciated.