Windows 2000 – Automatically Update All Inbox Numbers When Opening Outlook

This seems like a fairly simple thing to do, but for some reason it is not.

In Outlook 2010 on Windows XP, I had problems getting the number of inboxes for all accounts that were not the main account to be updated. Although each inbox was registered as a favorite, only the main one was updated when Outlook was opened. The only way to force an update of unread counts was to click on favorites or expand all folders. Whereas Outlook insists on the expansion only unnecessary "Personal Folders" at startup and always s & # 39; collapse all IMAP accounts, it gets boring when you have, say, seven email accounts.

In Outlook 2010, for a while, the only solution was to use a VBScript that would scan all IMAP folders and develop each solution. It took about 2 minutes to run, so when opening Outlook, I could not use it for at least 2 minutes. Obviously, such a solution is not optimal.

I believe in Outlook 2003, I did not have this problem (I've had countless others, but not this one). In Outlook 2007, it behaves similarly to Outlook 2010, since only the folder I'm expanding to at startup in the mail settings is updated. Even if the others have unread e-mails, it seems that this is not the case.

What is the the simplest way to fix it, with or without official Outlook solution? A VBScript is not out of the table, but I would much prefer that it take 2 seconds to run, not 2 minutes. A problem with the VBScript that I used with Outlook 2010 was that it was extended each single folder – including subfolders. It would have been perfectly fine if it had only developed the root IMAP folders, because only the root IMAP folder for each account must be expanded to force the inbox count to update, but to instead, he extended the entire folder hierarchy, which meant instead of developing 7 IMAP folders, he probably expanded nearly 70 or 80 mail folders and subfolders on the 7 accounts.