windows 7 – Hard drives seemingly no longer has bad sectors on it after erase and reformat

I have a Seagate SSHD laptop hard drive. When I use Seagates Software SeaTools. The drive used to fail the short drive self-tests and the long generic test. When it failed tests sea tools would warn me about having bad sectors. It would however to pass the short generic tests. I could access the data on the drive without any problems. I ran these tests from two different computers both from inside Windows 7 and Windows 10 and using sea tool for dos. When I try to run fix-all fast and fix-all long on the drive to try and fix the bad sectors it fails. All of a sudden after I deleted all the partitions on the drive and reformatted the drive after backing up the data on the drive. I just did a quick format too. Now the drive somehow can pass any tests I throw at it. It seemingly has no bad sectors. I tested the drive with different software other than seatools to get a second opinion and it passed those tests too. In addition, I used to not be able read the drive at all and it would cause windows disk management, file explorer and sometimes it would cause the bios to hang on my computer. What should I do now? Should I still keep using it because it seems to be fine now or should I RMA it and get a repaired/refurbished drive since it is still under warranty?