windows 8 – How to make sure that the iPhone appears as an appropriate player instead of "This PC"

I use WinMerge to compare files from a PC folder to a folder on my iPhone.

WinMerge requires the path to the file for each location. Therefore, there is no question of entering the location of the file of my office: C: Users Trevor Office Photos.

However, WinMerge will not recognize the path of my iPhone as the proper location. When I copy this path from the title bar, it appears as This PC Apple iPhone Internal Storage DCIM. I guess he will not recognize because This PC is the source instead of a conventional reader.

How can I fix that? I would expect my iPhone to appear as a normal RE: or E: drive, but I do not know how to do that. I have selected Show the full path in the title bar from the Control Panel and the title bar always shows only This PC.