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Elyse is a file management system that solves the major problem of traditional methods of managing large files on computers: paths and folders. Storing files in Elyse eliminates the need to decide exactly where to store a file or later to find where it was stored. Any logical method of grouping and organizing files can be used. In short, you have the power to impose your own logic and change your mind as often as you wish in a few clicks.
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The concept of folders and directories is replaced in Elyse by tag nodes. Each node is a bit like a saved search, but much more flexible and powerful. The nodes are arranged in trees and give an effect similar to that of folders and directories. The difference is that trees can be rearranged without any impact on the way files are stored or tags associated with each file. The same copy of a file can appear simultaneously in several overlapping file groups, each group being represented by one node. For example, you could have a picture of the family at the beach during your vacation. The same file in Elyse may appear in a list of vacation photos from last summer and in a list of photos of family members.

Elyse also recognizes the existence of relationships between tags. For example: lions, ostriches and elephants are all animals. By creating a tag relationship structure to define these relationships, it becomes possible to instantly create a list of all files to which an animal tag is associated. It is not necessary to attach the animal tag to each file concerning an animal.

Assigning tags to files in Elyse is simple and very powerful. Many files can be linked individually with multiple tags in a single drag-and-drop action. Likewise, several tag file associations can be deleted via a single dialog box.

Just as importantly, the tagging process can be automated by migrating entire folder structures into a database. Databases can then be populated with hundreds of thousands of files and duplicate management is automatic.

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